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Andrea Shemeley


Here I am,

right here.


Meet Andrea Shemeley, a creative mind for hire.  Andrea is a creative partner offering expert art direction on set and off. Her creative graphic design services, photoshoot art direction and production as well as brand management expertise prove to be a trusted resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, printers, publishing houses and creative agencies.


Andrea Shemeley is a true creative spirit with a great passion for graphic design, editorial art direction and creative collaboration in all forms. She is an energetic and versatile individual who can think creatively about how stories can be told visually, and needs minimal supervision to execute exquisite design, on-set and in print.


Andrea is an award-winning art director and producer with over 20 years of proven experience in concept, art direction and graphic design.  She is a team player, creative thinker, hard worker, positive energy, and overall kind human being who fosters equality and inclusion in and outside the workplace.

With a vast array of experience in many different industries including, broadcast, publishing, pharmaceutical, fashion, real estate, food and wine, entertainment, corporate, special events marketing and more- please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your creative needs.


Now accepting projects of all budgets, and taking pride in bringing a positive vibe to the work and the team. 

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