Pharmaceutical Graphic Design

SunMed Medical Solutions Branding Project

SunMed Medical Solutions is the team that clinicians and patients turn to for support that is beyond the capability of the average in-home medical equipment company. Founded in 2002, they are a provider of advanced in-home medical equipment and superior support for patients of all ages and conditions.  SunMED’s services have expanded nationwide and they have grown into a nationally-recognized leader in Lymphedema support.

I was hired to give their Lymphedema products and services package a complete rebrand. Much of the marketing collateral that comes from these types of medical and pharmaceutical products not only fall flat on design, but also lack a consistent brand style.


I based my design concept for the Lymphedema branding project on how the patient will feel, react and use the Lymphedema bandages and products. I set up interviews with 15 patients who were in the test group for these Lymphedema bandage products. I asked them how the bandages made them feel, what was the first thing they did, and how did the product impact them in a positive way. Most of them wanted their "freedom" back, they wanted to be able to do everyday tasks with ease. They wanted to breathe easy knowing they will regain their full physical capabilities. One patient said they wanted "a return to the simple things like a leisurely walk on a sunny day." These comments influenced my design with lots of white space (to breathe) and a feeling of movement, and an easy sunny day ahead.


This campaign did very well, experiencing an initial click-thru rate of over 33% and an equal increase in lead generation.  


SunMed Medical Solutions Pharmaceutical Branding Project 


Client: SunMed Medical Solutions

Role: Pharmaceutical Branding, Art Direction and Graphic Design

Date: April 2017