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Creative Mind for Hire

I can provide a vast array of creative consulting services. I'll work onsite with you and your team for a day (or a week) to help get the creative juices flowing. I can lead brainstorming sessions, cultivate appropriate marketing plans and analyze current startegies. I specialize in project planning, timelines and marketing roadmaps for success. 


Maybe you need a fresh eye to take a look at your existing brand. Brand evolution is paramount. It is important to stay relevant in your industry.  I have a passion for what's trending in the industry. Almost a hobby, I consistently research today's high-tech market to stay on top of emerging trends in technology and design for various forms of online media including digital design trends, websites, custom infographics and digital brochures.


I can deliver concepts and fresh ideas to generate business with a creative vision and a passion for the process, executing consistent branding and design across all media outlets. I am able to deliver quick turnaround at affordable pricing because of my hands-on technical graphic design capabilities, strong management skills, and thought leadership.


With a high level of accountability for project success, I manage projects through production to be sure they are being built and designed to spec. I have a deep appreciation for simple clean usable interfaces, and I enjoy offering quick onsite training sessions for my clients that want to take on website updates and social media inhouse.


What I bring to the table:

• Fresh ideas and branding strategies

• Partner for leaders to refine and translate strategies into art direction

• Inspiration and vision to build a creative conscience for the organization

• Protection and maintenance of global brand style and guidelines

• Clear articulation of conceptual and directional choices

• Collaborator for inhouse teams to generate concepts and bring them to life

• Hands-on technical graphic and website design skills

• Content analysis, edits and fresh content creation


Personalized creative consultation to enhance your brand and its identity

Creative Services

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