MadGirl Designs Branding Project


MadGirl Designs creates unique, minimalist work environments emphasizing form and function, while keeping the space inviting and inspiring. The logo was designed using a customized font with strong angles applied to the word “Mad” and a less rigid font for “Girl” to show the marriage between form and function with a fluid, open-minded, minimalist design style. Along with a simple website and presentation showcasing their work and design philosophies digitally, an identity package was developed based on budget and basic needs.


MadGirl wanted to enhance their onboarding experience to include a personalized welcome presentation, for each new hire. On the first day, new team members arrive at their desk to find new business cards, a mug (there is always a pot of coffee brewing at MadGirl), a diary, rulers and a t-shirt with a personalized letter from the founder to welcome and inspire.

Art Direction, Branding, Graphic & Website Design 

Client: MadGirl Designs

Role: Branding and Onboarding Package

Date: October 2016

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