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Maersk Landing Page & Print Ad Campaign

Maersk is an integrated container logistics company connecting and simplifying trade to help their customers grow and thrive. With a dedicated team of over 80.000, operating in 130 countries; they go all the way to enable global trade for a growing world.


Maersk wanted to produce an ad campaign centered around their stable network.  Through all the uncertainty of today's economy and the global shipping industry, Maersk wanted to assure their customers (and potential customers) that their supply chain network is stable and reliable. 


I was hired as a freelance Art Director, to come up with the concept, graphics and the landing page design and development. Inspiration came from thought of the front-line workers keeping patients alive, and how the heartbeat is a good indicator of their stability.  I created an illustration of a heartbeat, and placed it in white on top of a full bleed Maersk Blue, image-less layout.  In a sea full of full-bleed ads with giant container ships, I suggested they run full-spread ads in a variety of industry trade magazines. Digital ads ran on targeted industry websites. These ads gained 3x the click-though rate of their previous ad campaign, and generated 20% more leads.


Maersk Stability Campaign 

Client: ECYC-Merck

Role: Art Direction, Concept, Graphic Design & Landing Page Design (Wix)

Date: April 2020

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