Merck-ECYC ReBranding Project

Merck - Education with Care for Young Children (ECYC) is committed to making education fun with a play-based learning program. The school provides an individualized, developmentally appropriate program of quality care and education for infants through full day kindergarten.


ECYC needed an identity. They did not have a logo, and the quality of their website did not match the quality of their services. They wanted something colorful and fun, to match the energy of the school.


When I visited the school there was student artwork all over the walls, and one wall was covered in the children’s and teacher’s handprints. They were all different colors and sizes and it really spoke to the playful, fun, inclusive energy of the school. So when the new logo was designed, a teacher’s handprint and a child’s handprint surround a heart. The logo highlights the playful caring nature of the school and it’s core philosophies.


ReBranding from Logo to Launch 

Client: ECYC-Merck

Role: Branding from logo to launch, Art Direction & Website Design (Wix)

Date: October 2016