NYSHEX Start-up Identity & Branding Project

NYSHEX is building the system world trade can move on by fixing historic inefficiencies in container shipping. NYSHEX develops innovative software to align expectations between shippers and carriers, based on shared data. Offices are located in New York City, the center of the world’s premier hub of global trade, on the same waterway where container shipping got its start.


Our goal was to build an identity to highlight the New York City location and deliver content in a visually appealing way. The NYC skyline and the multi-colored shipping containers, in which client cargo is transported, served as inspiration to build the brand. The logo is an abstract shipping container, and its icon is an abstract box.


The branding package included a brand book with guidelines clearly illustrated, imagery, icon sets, and powerpoint templates to keep brand consistency in check.


Start-up Identity & Branding Project 

Client: New York Shipping Exchange

Role: Art Direction, Identity Design & Development, Branding, Graphic Design

Date: October 2017