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RedGate Rebranding Project

RedGate helps companies and individuals manage financial risk so that they can achieve their goals securely in business and in life.  Their mission is to develop custom products with expertise, experience and a commitment to financial security. RedGate felt their current brand did not match the quality of services they provide. They wanted to elevate their brand and also highlight their location in the NY Metropolitan area. 


I designed the logo first, adding a visual element to enhance the design. The original logo was text-only and forgettable. The first “e” in the logo is a picket fence typestyle I created to emphasize the security of their services (gate) and elevate their identity. I chose a deeper, richer red than the original primary red they were using, and I changed their secondary color from blue to a light gray. Red is the strongest color in the brand, as it should be, for a company named RedGate.


The website was developed using the Wix platform. It is clean and designed so the content does not overwhelm, like RedGate’s competitors. The hero image of New York City, viewed from the NY Metropolitan area office location, showcases the service area.


ReBranding, Graphic Design & Website Design 


Client: RedGate

Role: Re-Branding from logo to launch, Website Re-Design (Wix)

Date: April 2017

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