SeaFreight Labs Branding Project

SeaFreight Labs is a platform that uses the ‘crowd’ as an innovation partner. You define a problem that you want to solve and SeaFreight Labs brings this to a global community of 400,000 Solvers. With a great idea, and need for investors, the owner of SeaFreight Labs came to me to create the visual identity of his new company and brand SeaFreight Labs from logo to launch.


I took inspiration from the ‘crowd’ concept, the diverse group of individuals having varied skills, experiences, and perspectives on a scale that exceeds that of any one corporation. This is what separates SeaFreight Labs from the competition so I wanted to highlight it. The crowd in the hero image represents the diverse individuals at the heart of SeaFreight Labs’ innovation. This image is used throughout the marketing collateral including both print and digital channels to introduce the innovative platform and engage potential investors.


Start-up Identity & Branding from Logo to Launch 

Client: SeaFreight Labs

Role: Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Website Design (Wix)

Date: February 2020