SeaLand Vamos Juntos Campaign

SeaLand is an American intra-regional container shipping company headquartered in Miramar, Florida with representation in 29 countries, including many Latin countries. I served as Creative Director and Lead Graphic Designer on this project, contracted to design and develop a bi-lingual marketing campaign for SeaLand to tease their newly expanded routes to and from the terminal at Port Elizabeth in Newark, NJ.  With the uncertainty of trade laws after the 2016 election in America, SeaLand wanted to convey a message of agility, strength and security.  


My strategy was to build intrigue and start conversations through teaser ads. Vamos Juntos, translated to english means, 'We go together.'  I created a series of posters placed strategically throughout various NY/NJ PATH train stations from the WTC to Newark, NJ. Large format posters and digital advertisements were displayed throughout terminals and onboard trains for three weeks leading up to the launch of new routes. 


The teaser ads were placed in supply chain and logistics industry trade publications (digital and print). In a sea of busy, boring, logistics and supply chain text-heavy articles and ads, most displaying an image of a container ship, the Vamos Juntos design commanded attention. I used big blocks of bold color combined with simple messaging using little text. 

The digital banner ads were wildly successful, receiving a Google CTR of 5.2% which is much higher than the > 1% average of previous campaigns.  


SeaLand Vamos Juntos Campaign 

Client: SeaLand

Role: Creative Director and Lead Graphic Designer

Date: December 2016