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Creative Consultant

Branding is Important

Think of your brand as a complete image of your business, derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people think you are. Your brand should reflect the professionalism of your business and your authority position amongst the competition in your industry.  

I partner with creative business owners and entrepreneurs who are invested in creating a streamlined, cohesive brand for their business.  Rather than just provide each client with a trendy logo, my mission is to set you up with a professional brand and the tools to market that brand consistently across all media outlets.  The Branding Package

A Creative Mind for Hire

Brand evolution is paramount. Maybe you need a fresh eye to take a look at your existing brand. It is important to stay relevant in your industry, and I can help you do just that. Has your brand gone stale?  The key is to stay on point with your target audience, by communicating with innovative design and smart, consistent content across all media outlets.

I can provide a vast array of creative consulting services, including working onsite with you and your team for a day (or a week) to help get the creative juices flowing. We can set up brainstorming sessions to kick start a project, cultivate marketing plans and analyze current strategies.  

Fresh concepts and new ideas to generate business will be delivered with a creative vision and a passion for the process. Execution is sometimes the hardest step. I specialize in project planning, timelines and marketing roadmaps for success. With a high level of accountability for project success, I manage projects through production to execution, to be sure they are being built and designed to spec.

With a deep appreciation for simple, clean, usable interfaces, I enjoy offering quick onsite training sessions for my clients that want to take on website updates and social media inhouse. I am able to deliver quick turnaround at affordable pricing because of my hands-on graphic design capabilities, strong management skills, and thought leadership.


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