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3 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Brand

by Andrea Shemeley | A Creative Mind for Hire

Everyone has one. Like your shadow, it follows you wherever you go. It's known as your personal brand. Like it or not, your personal brand is, in large part, derived from the results people see when they search for you online... when they 'google' you. Don't let the robots create your digital identity. Take control of your personal brand both on and offline.

Every time we go online, we continue to paint a growing picture of our digital identity. This picture becomes a large part of our personal brand, and it is used by employers, recruiters, colleagues and potential clients to gain a sense of who we are. Therefore, it's important to take some steps to make sure you gain control of your personal brand and that it aligns with who you are.

Here are 3 ways to build your personal brand and enhance your digital identity:

1. Explore social media outlets and engage.

If you haven't created a social media presence, now is the time. LinkedIn should be your first stop. LinkedIn has proven to be an invaluable tool for my business, creating new partnerships and expanding my reach. It's the digital who-you-know, for every industry. Join groups that interest you and engage in discussions where you can offer your expertise. This will build your authority position within your industry and strengthen your personal brand.

2. Create a personal website.

This is something that many people shy away from, but I believe will soon be as commonplace as a resume. A simple 3-page personal website (Home, About, Contact) will boost your authority and enhance your personal brand. Not only does having your own website provide you with a platform to communicate your message using your own personal aesthetic, it will also enhance your authority and boost recognition. Claim your personal url, Your website will come up at the top of Google's search results when your name is searched, providing you with an excellent tool to increase awareness, engage your audience and gain control of your personal brand.

3. Be polished both on and offline.

Your personal brand exists both on and offline. This is very basic advice, but it must be mentioned. Be sure the way you dress, your body language, your vocabulary, your resume and your overall vibe is consistent with who you are. In short, be yourself.

Remember to keep your message and aesthetic consistent both on and offline, and you will enhance and strengthen your personal brand.

Keep moving forward.

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