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Table Eleven Wines Branding

Table Eleven Wines produces small quantities of wines from select vineyards in California.  Each year they procure fruit from sourced vineyards throughout California, producing very small lots of wine, two to four barrels at a time. 

Founders Nicholas and Laurie Nahigian met years ago, she was selling wine and he was buying. Both coming from different backgrounds in the wine world, they came together one day to taste a Cabernet Franc. Although he bought one of each wine she was selling that day, business paths took them in different directions.


A few years later they crossed paths again. The old cabernet franc came up, Laurie asked, ‘Do you remember this wine, we tasted it the first time we met?’ Nick replied, ‘I remember it well, I remember everything about that day. We sat at Table 11.’

Nick and Laurie are dear friends, so when they asked me to design their logo and wine label,  I jumped at the chance. Their meet-cute is so romantic I wanted to capture that place, that moment in time.  I designed a simple, yet strong icon depicting the very first place they met, table eleven.  The Pinot Noir is smooth and delicious, and rightfully earned 94 points from Wine Enthusiast.


Table Eleven Wines Logo & Label Design 

Client: Table Eleven Wines

Role: Art Direction and Graphic Design

Date: December 2019

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